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Experiencias personalizadas para grupos con degustaciones en pleno campo… show cooking de paella a la leña, show cooking de Sopas Perotas, Barbacoa al aire libre… productos con Sabor a Málaga personalizados y diseñados a medida.  Consúltenos sin compromiso…

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Dressage is a concentrated discipline of horsemanship that creates a synergistic relationship between horse and rider. While dressage literally means “training” in French, it is so much more than that. In Dressage, the horse and rider create a bond that enables them to communicate seamlessly through the rider aides – thus creating a ballet-like dance. To the average person, these aides are nearly imperceptible, which makes it appear as though the horse is performing on his own and the rider is simply a passenger. At the upper levels, the horse and rider have all but mastered the art of
non-verbal communication. The horse willingly performs the difficult tasks asked with style and grace.

The riding instructors at Rancho Riff Raff have competed for many years in the national and international arena at Grand Prix level and teach with patience ensuring you get the very best experience from your stay. You will be able to learn or enhance your technique depending on your level of experience on the stables beautifully trained and highly responsive Pura Raza Espanol (the Andalucian) horses in such skills as:

Piaffe - the calm and collected elevated trot in place (on the spot)

Passage - a collected trot where the horse has great elevation of stride where the horse seems to pause between each stride.

Extended gaits - where the horse lengthens its stride to maximum length at the trot or for the experienced rider at a canter.

Collected gaits (trot and canter) - where the horse shortens yet still manages to keep the height of its legs through the action.

Flying changes in sequence - where the horse changes its lead at a canter on every stride.

Pirouette - turning the horse at trot or canter pace through 360 degrees and more.

Half-pass - taking the horse on the diagonal, moving forward and sideways at the same time whilst curving its head naturally in the direction of travel.


The Casita
The newly refurbished casita which stands adjacent to the main house sleeps two people comfortably and has an ensuite bathroom and an outdoor kitchen area beside the private pool which, is for the sole use of the guests. Equipped with a comfortable contemporary seating area and sun loungers tastefully laid out with potted palms to offer an idyllic retreat after a days activity over looking the valley with stunning panorama in every direction.

The property is fitted with free wifi available throughout.

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